Each summer, The M.A.C.H.O. Foundation, along with our partners, provide free camperships to a select amount of underprivileged children in the New York tri-state area and beyond.  Camps interested in working with us to give a well deserving child the gift of a lifetime, please contact us at themachofoundation@gmail.com for further information.

"The world needs the next generation to be more tolerant of each other’s views, ideology, and beliefs. Summer camp is an opportunity for children to be exposed to the best of human character. Carefully selected role models are dedicated to showing children how to have fun, learn from others, and make friends in person rather than online.  There is something magical about a summer camp experience. Each and every camp in the world is different. Not merely because of geography or location, but because of the traditions and people who have touched the camp. Camp is an independent experience that shapes one’s character and life. Camps give kids a chance to practice being the best they can be. They experience a place designed to create happy memories and encourage self-expression. They have the opportunity to climb towers, ride horses, shoot an arrow, and even experience the success of winning the big game! It stays with them forever. Kids will learn from a full range of emotions and human experiences including homesickness, friendship, disagreements, team work, frustrations, jubilant success, and more."

Jeff Merhige, American Camping Association




We are pleased to have recently begun our own Township outreach to help impoverished children in Africa and have partnered with Global Camps Africa in order to help change the lives of South Africa’s vulnerable children and youth by providing HIV/AIDS prevention education and training through high-impact residential and day camp experiences and continuing education, equipping young people with the life skills that will support them in becoming safe and productive adults who have hope for the future. It costs only $500 to sponsor a child for a camp session and year of  after-camp follow-up program. 



Please join our movement and take a moment to share the #MACHOpledge video featured above on your preferred social network. All you have to do is press the share button and tag 3 people who have positively impacted your life!


Sometimes even the smallest gestures of good will can make a tremendous impact on someones life. Sometimes you may never even know how your actions have affected someone for the better or you've never been able to thank someone that has affected you. We believe compassion is the cure and that we rise by lifting others. Always remember to #ThinkWithYourHeart ❤ #MyActionsCanHelpOthers #TheMachoFoundation #Empathy #Kindness #Compassion #Feels #GoodVibes #Positivity #ChangeTheWorld #MakeADifference #BeMACHO

We are currently accepting volunteers to assist with our newest project, GrandChat Video,

a free service that connects senior citizens with video callers to help brighten their days. 

Help us show a generation of "Grands" that we care. Further info @



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