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Help us show a generation of "Grands" that we care! 

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GrandChat Video is a service that sets up volunteers to video chat with Senior Citizens who may feel lonely, isolated or would just enjoy a new person to gab with!!!

Just ten minutes of your time can go a long way to help stop a senior from feeling isolated or depressed. 

Unfortunately, with our busy lives and schedules, even the most loving of families may not find as much time as they would like to in the day for spending time with their elders.  

Some seniors don't have family at all. 

And while age is just a number, many elderly people are treated as if they do not matter anymore, simply because they are old. 

Nobody should be devalued by society when they age.

Help us brighten a seniors day and provide a sense of community that could empower and energize an elder by lending just a few minutes of your time to making a GrandChat Video call!

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how does it work ?

There is no long-term commitment involved.

All we ask is for 10 minutes of your time, once, or as often as you'd like!  We setup all video chats via Zoom, an anonymous video conferencing service so your phone number and contact info is NEVER given out to anyone and ALWAYS kept private.  (In some instances, certain seniors may be connected via Skype, FaceTime or other services.) 

All you do is choose a convenient date & time, then click a link we will send to you for a 10 minute video conference call on your mobile phone, tablet or computer and you will be connected, at your chosen time, to a deserving senior citizen for your "GrandChat".


If you would like to volunteer more than once, we can arrange for you to video chat with a new senior each time or schedule a followup video call for you with a preferred "GrandChatter". 

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why particpate ?

We should ALL value and recognize the inherent dignity and worth of all people, at all stages of life.

  • Research indicates that the elderly benefit from interaction with younger people, both mentally and physically.  Loneliness is a huge issue they face and feeling alone, forgotten or wondering if they matter to anyone can be devastating.


  • Something as simple as a quick chat can give the gift of purpose and honor to the elderly.  It can give them a sense of value and dignity, whether by sharing their wisdom or just feeling appreciated and cared about.

  • Helping others is enriching to your soul.  There is joy in service that is hard to define but great to experience.

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GrandChat Video is a FREE service provided by

The M.A.C.H.O. Foundation

a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.